Our educational programmes are very carefully designed to develop our students into global leaders who can create wealth for their organizations.

Recognizing the importance of computer application and management in a rapidly changing domestic and global environment, RLS College of Pharmacy was established in 2019-20 . The basic philosophy of RLS College of Pharmacy is based on the fabric of Eastern Thinking and Western Concepts.

To achieve this goal, the Institute is targeted to impart global perspective to the young students. The 21st century would require from a student immense comprehension of Scientific and Management fundamentals with a capacity to integrate with situational perspective.

This would necessitate thorough and dedicated training in knowledge, skills and aptitude to produce efficient professionals fully equppied to face the challenges of the world. RLS College of Pharmacy aim to develop a well rounded total personality of the students (TPD) in line with Eastern value system and the Western freedom to research and experiment. The college firmly believes that education is incomplete without discipline, The institution is confident in making a wholesome person out of the student only by instilling in him discipline which would go to foster a high degree of righteousness in and around him. Accordingly, a disciplinary committee monitors the discipline of the institution. The student recruitment and admission office strives to provide the Pharmacy Admission Committee with a qualified and diverse applicant pool.